WEFTING IKAT WHEEL                                                                             

Lead Researcher

Assoc. Prof.Dr.Norwani Md.Nawawi

Faculty/Department: Faculty of Art & Design



Assoc.Prof. Dr.Mohamad Hariri Hj Abduullah

Faculty/Department: Faculty of Art & Design


Tuan Haji Razali Hassan

Faculty/Department: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



The wefting ikat wheel is a tool that is used by weavers to prepare and make weft ikat yarns. The initial idea for this tool was developed from the traditional manual weaving ikat tool that has been innovated for faster production. It is made of wood, which gives the user a friendly touch, as it feels much closer to nature. The use of an electric motor was developed with adjustable speeds, which offers weavers several choices in preparing the production of the weft ikat yarns. This will enable the weaver to easily tie and dye the yarns for the weaving of weft ikat fabric. This product is very important to the weaver in producing weft ikat fabric and it can also lead to the revival of the unique fabric known as ikat limar. With this tool, the ikat-making process could create jobs for local communities in cottage-weaving industries, particularly in Northeast Malaysia. The main target audience for this product would be weavers in the cottage industry, students in related fields (IKN,UiTM, IKBN etc), personal weavers, as well the textile-related tourism centres.


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