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Design Paper Presentation

ADAP is the acronym for art and design paper presentations, another platform the articulation of mind and opinion to be expressed, under the wings of the National Design Center. This is a platform the encourages  both expert and amateurs to present their study on matters. The main aim of the ADAP is to encourage the presentations of paper or study on issues of art and design, both from the eastern and western hemisphere and from the elite experts of the field or new adventurers to the field of art and design. The ultimate aims of ADAP is to bring forth new discoveries, new enlightenment to well-discussed issues and avenues of research into the open for all to explore.


Design Research and Consultancy

ADREC or in full Art and Design Research Consultancy is one of the eight wings in NDC. ADREC is established to bridge a gap between the world of art and design in UiTM with order design organization and associations. It is in the hope that positive affiliation with such organizations will create plausible collaborations in various activities to promote research under the discipline of art and design. The wing will also be the official center for Phd. candidates to conduct their research, write their papers and demonstrate their project in spectrum in design knowledge.


Design Royal Lecture

This is a platform where the Art and Design and culture promote awareness in the effort to preserve the local heritage of the country. It is also a mechanism that triggers actions by certain quarters to initiate new trends and mindset of young, while the simultaneously preserve and educate the future generation on the heritage of our local culture.


Design Workshop Series

ADWORK is another platform under the supervision of the National Design Series. ADWORK is short for Art and Design Workshop Series. The intention of setting up a workshop series is to enhance the technical know-how of the latest procedures and techniques pertaining to art. These workshop series light up the black whole of knowledge, illuminating the seekers with new and improved knowledge, where the end product can satisfy both of local and global markets. Simultaneously enriching the pool of ready knowledge with new perspective methodology, all aimed at overall improvement. Experts from private and public sectors will be invited to facilitate the series. Discussions may even ensure to another level at research and presentations.


Design Lecture Series

ADLEC or in full the Art and Design Lecture Series is a platform inviting renowned artist and designers to provide lecture in their field of expertise. The ultimate intention of such lecture series is to illuminate the minds of the masses on the importance of the good design and principle and highlight many other venues of lectures. The lecture series will be conducted once a month.


Design Conference Seminars

The Art and Design conference seminar is a sub-wing to the National Design Center. The aim of establishing ADCOS is to able the conduct both National and international level conferences and seminars in regards to the field of Art and Design. ADCOS will be the platform where active minds speak of important issues that not only affect the discipline of Art and Design but the quality of living as a whole.


Design Education and Promotion

The dialogue of Art and Design Education and promotion on in short ADEUP aims in promoting the right mindset in regards to the education of Art and Design. NDC intends to promote the basic, spectrum of education under the discipline of art and its affiliates.


Design Award and Exhibition

This another platform for the National Design center work forms. It is called the Art and Design Awards and Exhibition The acronym is ADAEX. It is platform solely create for the purpose of appreciating the artistic work from various creative designers and artists. This form of appreciation is shown via the award bestowed on those who are deserving in their quest for excellence in design, for local and foreign exhibitors to exhibit their works of art for the public to appreciate. It is also a method to recognizing the various works of art in Malaysia to other parts of the world.